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Quick Questions Regarding Bathroom Renovations

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom and making it into something brand new? This can be fairly simple when you have some spare time and an allotted budget for the task. Once you have some ideas in your head for what you would like to do with your bathroom, you will be ready to make a choice between working on the project yourself or hiring bathroom showroom in charlotte, nc professionals to get the job done for you.

To help make your decision easier while thinking about your bathroom remodel, consider some of these questions asked frequently by people also considering bathroom remodeling.

How much is it going to cost me to renovate my small bathroom?

On average, you can expect a small bathroom remodeling job to cost about $6500, but it can vary depending on the materials used and time spent on the job. Some small bathroom remodels can cost as little as $1500, while more expensive ones might cost up to $15,000 or even more.

Does adding a new bathroom to my home increase my house’s value?

Yes, renovating an existing bathroom or adding a brand new one can often add a considerable amount of value to the market value of a home. In fact, bathroom and kitchen remodels are some of the most common remodel jobs done because of their tendencies to increase market value of homes.

How long will a bathroom remodel take me?

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This can depend on several factors, including whether you are working on the job on your own or hiring professionals to give you a hand. It can also depend on the amount of things being done on the job in terms of what is being remodeled and what is being added or removed from the bathroom. On average, you can expect it to take anywhere from two to three weeks to complete the average bathroom remodel.

Hopefully, these questions and answers have helped you clarify a few things for your own potential bathroom remodel. If you think you are ready, get in touch with the professionals and get work on your remodel underway so you can begin enjoying those brand new bathroom amenities.